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Bloggiesta Finish Line!

Well, I got a ton done for my blog this weekend during Bloggiesta! I learned a lot of cool stuff and met some great people.  

Jack Sparrow would like to take you on a tour of what I got done this weekend. (Why? Because it’s late and I need to go to bed.  Thanks for helping me Jack!)

I think you mean Captain Jack Sparrow.

All right.  I’ve only got so much rum left so let’s get started.

It seems she’s written some very boring numbers and stuff on her Policies page. How very exciting. *big swig of rum*

Oh! And the Policies page is new. Fantastic.

There are four new follow buttons to your top left in the sidebar-> Pinterest, Email, Amazon and Tumblr. *stares blankly at buttons* I have no idea what those are, but “Tumblr” sounds naughty.

She installed a bunch of plugins (like security stuff and checking broken links blah blah blah) but the only one you’ll notice is the pretty little sharing buttons at the bottom of posts.  Aw look – it says “Sharing is caring!” down there.  Truer words can’t have been spoken *clinks glass* *takes big swig*

She took out a bunch of stuff from the sidebar and put it in the Links page. Huzzah.

And then she stuck the tags and calendar in the footer.  *looks sadly at tags and calendar* It’s not your fault no one likes you.  There there little calendar and tag cloud.  It’s not like she killed you or anything.  It could be worse.  Why don’t you have a little party to yourselves down there? *hands calendar the rest of his rum*

So there you have it! Tour complete.  I must get back to my ship.  It seems that all my rum is gone. *saunters off a little unsteadily*


  1. Cecelia Larsen says:

    Ha!  That’s certainly a fun recap.  Your ‘host’ was quite entertaining.  Congrats on getting so much done during Bloggiesta!

  2. Love your post! I love that you had Captain Jack Sparrow give the tour. That was awesome! I wish I thought up fun things to do like that.

    Glad that the Shareaholic  plugin is working for you! :)

  3. What a creative way to write your post. I love the Pirate movies and Jack is my favorite character!  Looks like you got quite a lot done.  One of my more mundane tasks that I wanted to accomplish was to write a review policy and some of the fun stuff I did was add some social media icons. All in all it was a fun, productive weekend and I can’t wait until the next one!

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