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Book vs Movie: The Great Gatsby


I thought this was a pretty good adaption of the book.  I don’t know if I would have enjoyed this movie as much if I hadn’t read the book first. I would have been like “WHAT is with the huge glasses on the billboard?”  In the book it’s a little more obvious that they are symbolic. And honestly the billboard worked in the book but just came off as cheesy in the movie.

The movie was extremely faithful to the book.  Sometimes a little too faithful with text from the book literally on the screen.  The partying was more extreme than it was in the book, but it didn’t lose the seedy underside of money and wealth. The whole idea of Nick writing the book as therapy was not a part of the book and I kind of liked it.  It was weird but it also went along with the theme of the American dream and how Nick finds it in a way.

I loved almost everything about the movie except the music. What was with the rap? It was waaay too disjointed to the point that it took me out of the story. I’m sorry, but are we still in the 1920’s or not??  I get that Baz (the director) likes to update things and give it a modern spin. I loved what he did with Romeo and Juliet.  But maybe some modernized jazz would have worked better?  The best song in the whole movie was Rhapsody in Blue that played during the fireworks show.  It felt fabulous and 20’s and over the top.

Leo was amazing.  That is all.

The whole movie was just pretty to look at.

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It was stunning and really made you feel the excess and extravagance of the 1920’s. So romantic, tragic, and beautiful. Loved it.

4 Stars

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