Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

The spoiler-free verdict: I thought it was a cute and humorous movie about family with the perfect ending.  It’s the kind of movie that gave me warm fuzzies and I’d love to watch over and over.  The new characters were so entertaining with my favorite being Garrett, played by Lee Pace.

***This review has spoilers so don’t read it until you’ve watched the movie.***

To me this movie was about family.  The story of Breaking Dawn appeals to me as a wife and mom because you see these characters fighting so hard to have what I take for granted.  I watched this movie and went home with a lot of extra love and appreciation for my husband and kids.  I loved all the moments in this movie where Edward would have a big smile on his face for his daughter. Daawwww.

breaking dawn part 2 edward renesmee

And  the humor.  AND THE ENDING!!   I was too shocked to do anything than stare stupidly with my mouth hanging open. Kinda like this…

I told my husband that I had never seen a movie kill off major characters like that.

He’s all, “What about Harry Potter?”

Good point.

And they really died.

But still! It was like all of the dying in one fight sequence and I was totally not expecting it.

Jacob still felt like a third wheel.  Like, he’s still here? Really? I didn’t like the special effects on Renesmee. I thought they looked weird and kind of fake.  But I still loved this movie.  My favorite movies are the ones that make me feel something and this one does in so many ways.  It has me laughing and crying and feeling all nostalgic.  I want to go again and hear some more gasping in the audience.  If no one does, then I’m totally going to gasp for other’s entertainment.

I love and own all of the Twilight soundtracks and the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn part 2 is beautiful. I bought it and have been listening to it non-stop since Friday.

My favorite songs from this album would have to be “Cover your Tracks,” “Speak Up” and “Heart of Stone.”  Oh and “All I’ve Ever Needed.” See? It’s the whole stinkin’ album.  And the cuteness of Nikki and Paul in this music video is off the charts.

And since I always search for where exactly the songs show up in the movie,  here’s a list of where all the songs in the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack show up in the movie.

Well, I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.  I will see you all when I get back on the internets on Tuesday!

What did you think of the movie and the soundtrack?


  1. Great review! I also loved that it made you feel things. And, I loved seeing Edward with Renesmee.

  2. The CGI Renesmee baby was pretty freaky, but other than that, I liked the movie, too! I think it was the best of all of them, and I went home with feelings similar to the ones you had.

    *SPOILER!* I was also totally fooled; I thought they had just gone ahead and changed the ending, and let everypony die. Should have known better. Lol. Love your review!

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