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Follower Love Giveaway Hop: Midnight in Austenland

Welcome to the Follower Love Giveaway Hop!  Thanks to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Rachael Renee Anderson for hosting this giveaway hop! Be sure to check the linky below the giveaway for over 200+ family friendly blogs doing giveaways!

I’m giving away a SIGNED copy of Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale.


Signed front page

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The Murder Mystery!

So, my post about the party was getting long and I wanted to talk about the murder mystery really fast.

The murder mystery cast! From left to right: Lady Fancy Underthere, Duncan of Airy Bottom, Commodore Wiggsworth, and Macca McMac and Shannon Hale

All four characters were on a boat and someone was murdered.  His door was locked and no one could get in or out.  We could ask them any questions we wanted except if they did it, because the characters didn’t even know!  All of them had back stories and really fun accents.  I went around with this lady and talked to all of the characters (they were better at staying in character than I was!).  Duncan of Airy Bottom was mad that the dead guy had stolen his kilt.  Macca McMac was an illusionist that had traveled the whole world (Whales, London, England, The U.K.) and the dead guy was her old assistant.  Duncan of Airy Bottom mentioned that an illusion of cutting someone in half in the past had gone wrong for Macca.  Lady Fancy Underthere (Under where?) was mad that the dead guy accused her of having her daughter out of wedlock (the big, red letter “A” under her coat wasn’t helping her story LOL).  Commodore Wiggsworth was the captain of the ship and didn’t know the dead guy besides him being a passanger on his ship.

Believe it or not, that’s all you need to figure out the mystery, but I didn’t get it.

Did you? Who do you think it is?

The answer:

Macca McMac.  She was the only one that had the combination of a motive AND access to the dead guy’s room since she knew him and he probably opened the door for her.

The Giveaway!

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About Shannon Hale

Shannon Hale

Shannon Hale is the New York Times best-selling author of six young adult novels: the Newbery Honor book Princess Academy, multiple award winner Book of a Thousand Days, and the highly acclaimed Books of Bayern series. She has written three books for adults, including the upcoming Midnight in Austenland (Jan. 2012), companion book to Austenland. She co-wrote the hit graphic novel Rapunzel's Revenge and its sequel Calamity Jack with husband Dean Hale. They live near Salt Lake City, Utah with their four small children, and their pet, a small, plastic pig.



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