Twilight Playlist Countdown to Breaking Dawn Week 2

Welcome!  I’m so excited to re-read the Twilight Series to get ready for the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 movie release.  I decided to add something new to my re-reading experience.  I got The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide this year and I really wanted to listen to the playlists that were in there while I was reading the books, so I thought “Why not make an event out of it?”  And here were are.  Plus you can read along with me, if you like.  This week I am reading:

I’ve also made a bookmark for you to download that has a reading schedule on it so you can finish all four books before the movie comes out on November 18.

New Moon has two playlists in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.  Today I’ll post the first playlist and tomorrow I’ll post the “alternate” playlist.  Why are there two?  I don’t know.  She doesn’t say in the guide.  Enjoy the music and check back tomorrow for even more music!

I’ve picked official videos where I can so I’m sorry about the commercials.  I’ve also listed the chapter that each song goes with.

1. “Do You Realize”  The Flaming Lips (Chapter 1)

2. “Papercut” Linkin Park (Chapter 1)

3. “Hyper Music” Muse (Chapter 3)

4. “Apocalypse Please” Muse (Chapter 3)

5. “Time Stands Still” The All-American Rejects (Chapter 4)

6. “Empty Room” Marjorie Fair (Chapter 4)

7. “Unwell” Matchbox 20 (Chapter 6)

8. “Pain” Jimmy Eat World (Chapter 7)

9. “Ride” The Vines (Chapter 8 )

10. “Fix You” Coldplay (Chapter 9 – Jacob’s perspective)

11. “Blueside” Rooney (Chapter 9)

12. “Over My Head (Cable Car)” The Fray (Chapter 11)

13. “Going Under” Evanescence (Chapter 15)

14. “Tautou” Brand New (Chapter 15)

15. “Be My Escape” Relient K (Chapter 16)

16. “Never Let You Down” The Verve Pipe (Chapter 16)

17. “Sing for Absolution” Muse (Chapter 18 – Edward’s perspective)

18. “Ya Mamma” Fatboy Slim (Chapter 20)

19. “DOA” Foo Fighters (Chapter 20)

20. “Stare” Marjorie Fair (Chapter 22)

21. “The Scientist” Coldplay (Chapter 23 – Edward’s perspective)

22. “Memory” Sugarcult (Chapter 23)

23. “The Truth About Heaven” Armor For Sleep (Chapter 23 – Edward’s perspective)

24. “Sound of Pulling Heaven Down” Blue October (Chapter 24 – Edward’s and Bella’s perspectives)


  1. Mmmm… I love Marjorie Fair! Not many people are familiar with them, but their album was amazing. :) Thanks for sharing!

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